Loren Benjamin Woos Rockwood

It’s appropriate that Loren Benjamin, guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, should grace the Rockwood 1 stage at the beginning of February, since his music is soft, soothing, insightful and spilling over with references to relationships. Just the way we like it.

Loren Benjamin

Photo credit to youtube.com

Though he is admittedly quite an attractive specimen of musician, Benjamin’s manager, with whom I had the pleasure of chatting at the show, assures me that he’s not just another pretty face.

“He didn’t really keep up with how many songs he had,” Theo Roos claims. “When we sorted through them, he had over 400 songs.”

The seasoned musician was able to narrow the massive database of Benjamin’s music down to 65 of the best songs, and from there the two have worked toward the print of Benjamin’s first album. Here’s hoping that collection includes Not 2 Night, which is a delicious collaboration of simplistic keyboard notes, synthesizer beats and Benjamin’s clean, romantic vocals.

Though he undoubtedly has plenty of original work, Benjamin has also done his fair share of covers including such big name artists as The Killers and Rihanna. With a voice as smooth and melodic as his, Benjamin can successfully cover a wide range of artists and music without straying terribly far from the original sound.

He and his fellow musicians, percussionist, Cozi Levy and guitarist, Sunny, serenaded the audience at Rockwood on *February’s first weekend and will do a similar justice for March. Pissed you missed them? Don’t be. Check them on March 21.

*Originally published February 12, 2013 on NewYorkSocialStatus.com


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